Studio Policy

**remote/Zoom lesson modifications

Supplies - Please bring/have the music we are working on (even if memorized), a pencil, and a water bottle to every lesson. Electronic versions of music are fine as long as annotating on them is *easy* (annotating on phones is usually not easy, so unless you can prove to me otherwise, looking at music on phones is not advisable).  Please also have an audio recording device available (phones are easiest for *this*).  At times I will prompt students to record specific parts of their lesson to practice with at home.
**at least 2 electronic devices - 1 to be on the Zoom meeting with me and the other to play tracks from (if you will need to play a track to sing with), when the time comes (you probably want to make sure you can access your tracks easily from this device)
**metronome — ideally a metronome app on your “tracks device.”  I recommend an app called “Pro Metronome” by Xiao Yixiang - it should be free with internal purchases.  

**an external speaker to connect to the electronic device that’s playing the tracks — phone’s speakers are generally not loud enough for you to feel supported, so even if you put your phone in a cup, that’s better than just the phone.

**optional but a good investment: a good quality microphone.  Blue Yeti USB mics are around $150 and are probably one of the best USB mics.  Personally, I invested in a large diaphragm condenser mic and an audio interface, because the sound quality is even better, and surprise, I’ve been doing a lot more remote performing lately!  If you’re curious, I bought an AKG 420 mic and a Scarlett Focusrite 8i6 audio interface from Sweetwater Music (they know everything and ship really quickly - I *highly* recommend buying audio equipment from them!)

Arrival Time - Lessons will start at the agreed upon time that they are set. If you get to your lesson earlier than the time scheduled, please wait until your scheduled lesson time to knock on the door. Thank you so much for understanding! 
**I will start the Zoom meeting for our lesson at the agreed upon time.  If you sign in to the meeting and it says that "Host is in another meeting," wait for a few seconds and try again. 
Absence Policy – At least 24-hour notice must be given directly to me (call, text, or email) if a lesson needs to be cancelled, or else you owe me for that lesson.  
Payments - If you intend on having regular weekly lessons, paying by the month at the beginning of the month is preferable.  As a reminder, I will email out monthly invoices via Music Teacher’s Helper.  I accept cash, check, Venmo, and PayPal payments.
Failure to Pay – If, for any reason, a month has passed without being paid for, I reserve the right to remove you from my schedule until all outstanding lesson fees are paid in full.  
Practicing – Anyone who takes music lessons of any kind is expected to practice regularly, ideally at least 30mins/day.  Music teachers can’t change students’ habits in only 30-60mins/week, they can only point out what changes need to be made, and how to make them.  The better students are at following the directions I give them on a daily basis, the quicker they will progress, and the more I will get to teach them!  I encourage parents to take an active role in making sure their students are practicing regularly, so they get the most for their money! 

Student Safety - I'm currently researching and working out the language for a harassment/abuse policy addendum. There is much to decide, but a good place to start is the districts' policy on this:


The 1st 3 links under Student Welfare are the most applicable policies to a private studio.

I have read through this and officially state that my studio is in compliance with these policies.  It's a lot, and much of it is legalese, but I think it's useful to be informed on the policies that keep students safe, and to officially be in compliance with them.

I promise that my studio is a safe place, in all possible ways, for students.

Thank you very much!